How To Buy Your First Business (FREE) Mini-Course

We own a portfolio of 21 companies. We've broken down the process we use to acquire cash-flow producing businesses into an easy to read 6 Part Email Mini-Course:

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What You'll Learn

Day 1 Finding Businesses to Invest In
‍Day 2 How To Do Due Diligence
‍Day 3How To Finance The Business
‍Day 4How To Structure The Deal
‍Day 5How To Grow The Business
‍Day 6How to make $500k+ per year in cash flow
Buying businesses shouldn't be scary, I hope this helps!

Short and tactical with interesting insights every Wednesday.

Sahil Bloom


So many amazing lessons here. If you live with curiosity, life looks a little different. Been talking with my wife about living life with joy and wonder. I think it's much the same. Cool things just keep appearing if you're looking. Bet that was a cool summit!

Kurtis Hanni


So many good insights here from @SievaKozinsky on creating your own luck

Harris Fanaroff


I love getting an inside view of the deals and businesses Sieva’s operates. Highly recommend!”

Aadit Sheth

Hey there! I'm Sieva, founder at Enduring Ventures where we buy beautiful businesses and hold them forever.